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Rvolve Zoompics Carousel

For your site or blog. It's free.


This carousel can be added to your own site for free, and is open source, with the proviso that the 'R' watermark remains in view. White-label carousels without a logo are available to license.

You can use the pics to display any stream of .jpg, .gif or .png on your site at any scale.

Pure Javascript. Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Firefox, IE 9, Chrome, Safari (IE7/IE8 snap between images), Opera


Traffic Price
Unlimited * Free
0-3K hits/month ^ $3 /month
3K-300K hits/month ^ $30 /month
300K+ hits/month ^ $300 /month
  Developers Sites Price
Open * Unlimited Unlimited Free
Professional ^ 1 1 $29.99
Developer ^ 1 Unlimited $250
Enterprise ^ Unlimited Unlimited $2000
Purchase a White-label version, or use free with a watermark

* Free includes an watermark
^ White-label without an watermark

Note: prices for the carousel images are the number of images not the number of carousels.

Using Zoompics in your project

Include the following script in the header:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

and then include a zoompic, or several zoompics anywhere on your page with e.g.

Copy the following HTML code into your page and adjust as necessary:

<!-- Put this script line in header if you can --><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<!-- Include one div for each carousel -->                        
<div id="myzoommulti" class="zoompic-multi" data-width="500" data-height="300" data-border="1px #aaa solid">
    <span data-src=""></span>    
    <span data-src=""></span>
    <span data-src=""></span>

id: required to be unique per carousel, but can be anything
class: required and must be 'zoompic-multi'
data-src: the source of the .png, .jpg or .gifs, just like an img src tag. This can be relative or absolute.
data-width: the new width of the image, irrespective of the size of the source image
data-height: the new height of the image, irrespective of the size of the source image
data-border: css border tag e.g. 'solid 1px #DDDDDD'

Note: You can wrap the <div> with an <a href=""> </a> to provide a link. It will default to the image itself without this tag.

Free Support

Want integration with your site? We offer free support to get the Zoompics integrated for commercial license holders.

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