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Becoming an Rvolve Affiliate

By default all users who publish a Rvolve Noticeboard become affiliates of Rvolve as well.

As an affiliate you take an ongoing 7.5% cut of earnings from publishers or advertisers who sign up from your 'info' link on your page (in addition to your publisher 66% earnings).

Also it is possible to introduce a new user directly with a link to e.g.[YOUR RVOLVE USER ID]

or any rvolve URL, with 'partner=' as an additional parameter.

Providing Rvolve Ads to your Users

By providing a sign-up link on your site, your users can start earning from their own Rvolve account, without having any knowledge of copying or pasting code.

Link to the following sign-up link:[YOUR RVOLVE USER ID]&site=[YOUR SITE DISPLAY NAME]&callback=[]

ensuring the last parameter in the urlencoded 'callback' URL from your site, is where the rvolve user id will be sent (leave a trailing '='). Store the Rvolve user id returned to your call-back script (in this example, the 'rvolve_user_id' parameter) in your user database table. Then, when you are displaying an ordinary Rvolve code block on that user's page, replace the Javascript ''userId' => 0,' with the user id stored in your database table.