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About Rvolve

Rvolve is a hyper-local ads platform that lets advertisers pinpoint target their adverts to a local audience, and publishers of local content earn from locally relevant deals and services.

The service offers pay-for-performance, pay-per-click and pay per week/month options to advertisers directly. We are based in Banbury, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, but seem to spend a lot of time in London! Our service is the result (or one of them) of spending 10+ years developing geographic search technology.

Rvolve Ltd. registered in the United Kingdom Company No: 7898769


  • provide a US service for deals.


Press Releases

Hyperlocal Advertising Service Fills Last Mile Void

For Immediate Release

21 Feb 2011. Birmingham, UK. Unable to advertise on Google, Groupon or Facebook to within 1 mile of his 60 different bike rental locations, Peter Abrahamson, open source software developer and entrepreneur built a new 'hyperlocal' advertising platform which aims to fill the last-mile void in online advertising. is the resulting service and has been launched in Beta today.

While the service is structured in a similar manner to Google Adsense, Rvolve allows publishers to specify the exact location that the adverts should be shown around, down to the house number, and there are no limits on how the adverts can be displayed. Equally, advertisers have flexibility in terms of the advert's specific location, which prevents unnecessary spend on customers out of their local area.

Offering a pay-for-performance model, advertisers only pay when their goods or services are purchased. Customers click a text advert, then purchase online via Rvolve's coupon, which sits above the advertiser's website. They then redeem their personal purchase code at the store locally. Unlike the group buying site, Groupon, which pioneered a similar model, is built for publishers and bloggers to earn a living from. Publishers take the majority of the earnings (66% - 75% depending on whether they introduced the advertiser to the service).

"For advertisers, Rvolve gives new options to target around a series of shops, for example. Because the ads are distributed on multiple sites, there is an opportunity for large numbers of highly targeted local customers, which is the kind that actually purchases." says Peter.

The service works by having a latitude and longitude coordinate for the publisher's content, and a coordinate for every advertisement. Using geographic search technology, which was developed by Rvolve's author, the most relevant local adverts are shown.

Working world-wide across the Web and on mobile devices including maps and in augmented reality, the service has already attracted a small collection of interested advertisers and publishers.

"As a site covering the goings-on of a clearly defined geographic area - aka 'hyperlocal' - The Lichfield Blog is very aware of location. We realise there is a demand for good, targeted advertising from local businesses and we hope to use Rvolve to accomplish that, both through a business directory and mobile applications." said Philip John of the UK's Lichfield Blog.

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